Albert Buckman

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Albert Buckman AKA Buckham
Alfred Buckman
Born 1889
Died 1914 (aged 24–25)
Hillcrest, Alberta
Cause of death Hillcrest Mine Disaster
Resting place Hillcrest Cemetery
Nationality American
Occupation Company Man

Nothing further is known about Albert.

Early Life



Occupation in 1914

Company Man

Hillcrest Mine Disaster June 19, 1914 - Killed


Albert is buried in the Mass Grave


Schedule E


J. Barclay, Black Diamond, Washington, USA

Alternate Names or Alternate Spelling of Names

Alex, Buchman, Buckham, Buchan, Breckman

Interesting Facts

There was an inquest into the death of William Buchan of Bellevue in 1911 - any relation?
In a list from the Provincial Archives of Alberta, Albert Buckman is listed as an American.

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