Albert Southwell

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Albert Southwell
Born 1883
Died 1914 (aged 30–31)
Hillcrest, Alberta
Cause of death Hillcrest Mine Disaster
Resting place Hillcrest Cemetery
Nationality English
Occupation Timber Packer

Early Life


1882, 4/4 Albert was born in Todmorden Reg. District - in the town of Wadsworth, West Riding Yorkshire


John Southwell married Selina Radcliffe the 1/4 1882 at Todmorden Reg. District

Miner and Siblings (in birth order)

  • Albert Southwell (1882)
  • Thomas Southwell
  • Alice Southwell
  • Fred Southwell (1891)
  • Edith Southwell (1894)
  • Willie Southwell (1898)
  • Lillian Southwell (1902)



Occupation in 1914

Timber Packer

Hillcrest Mine Disaster June 19, 1914 - Killed


Albert is buried in the Mass Grave in Hillcrest.

After the Hillcrest Mine Disaster


Schedule E


John Southwell, 17 Chapel Ave., Hebden Bridge

Interesting Facts

Albert was on a Jury in Hillcrest 6 Dec 1912, Bellevue Times.
Albert was on a organizing committee for basket social and ball in Hillcrest 14 Feb 1913, Blairmore Enterprise.

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