Antonio Catonio

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Antonio Catonio
Born 1883
Died 1914 (aged 30–31)
Hillcrest, Alberta
Cause of death Hillcrest Mine Disaster
Resting place Hillcrest Cemetery
Nationality Italian
Occupation Miner

Our research indicates the following is the most probable history for this miner.

Early Life


Acciano, L'Aquila, Italy


Crespini Catonio of Acciano (from 1909 ship's manifest)

Census Records

Immigration to Canada

1909 Ship Taormina, age 25, born Acciano, single, farm labourer

Occupation in 1914


Hillcrest Mine Disaster June 19, 1914 - Killed


Antonio is buried in the Hillcrest cemetery, not the Mass Grave.
There is a gravestone for him: In loving memory / Tony Catonio / 1883-1914.

After the Hillcrest Mine Disaster


Schedule A

Alternate Names or Alternate Spelling of Names

Tony Catonia, Tony Catoni, Cattoni

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