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This information is from the Lethbridge Daily Herald February 13, 1915.

Under the Workman’s Compensation Act, the Hillcrest Collieries Ltd., will pay over to the dependents of the miners who lost their lives in the Hillcrest mine on June 19th last, approximately $250,000.

The agreement between the company and the representatives of the United Mine Workers of America has been signed up and was given out for publication.

Schedule A

Provides for the payment of the full compensation, namely, $1800, to the dependents of 57 deceased miners, and it is the opinion of the officials of the union that this number will be brought up to 90.

Schedule B

32 of the deceased men were Austrians. Their rights have been acknowledged by the company, but no compensation will be paid their dependents who reside in Austria until peace has been declared between Austria and Great Britain. (World War I)

Schedule C

8 are represented as those having only partial dependents which are recognized by the company, but whose compensation will not be paid until the matter is adjusted.

Schedule E

Covers all cases in which dependency will have to be proven. As this is done, the names will have to be transferred to schedules A and C.