Edward Stretton

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Edward Stretton
Born 1875
Died 1914 (aged 38–39)
Hillcrest, Alberta
Cause of death Hillcrest Mine Disaster
Resting place Hillcrest Cemetery
Nationality English
Occupation Miner
Religion Methodist

Early Life


1875 in Norton Canes, Staffordshire, England.


Joseph Stretton married Mary Atkins Sept 1847 Leicestershire.

Miner and Siblings (in birth order)

  • Elizabeth Stretton (1848-1882)
  • Joseph Stretton
  • Fanny Stretton
  • Minnie Stretton
  • Fanny Stretton
  • Harriet Stretton
  • Henry Stretton
  • John George Stretton (1867-1947)
  • William Stretton
  • Edward Stretton


Edward Stretton, age 21, married Eliza Morris, age 21, 25 May 1896 Hednesford, Staffordshire


  • Ellen Lilian (1896-1896)
  • Horace Edward Stretton (1899-1959 Lichfield, Staffordshire)
  • Cyril Stretton (1900-1900)
  • Roland Stretton (1908-1982 in Victoria, Australia.)
  • Syrana Mary Stretton (1912 in Hillcrest-1981 Lichfield, Staffordshire)

Census Records

1881 Norton Canes, Staffordshire, England, age 6, born Norton Canes
1901 Fwellay and Heath Haynes, Cannock, Staffordshire, age 26, occupation Road Foreman in mine, born Brownhills, Staffordshire
1911 Hillcrest, age 36

Immigration to Canada

1910 Ship Empress of Britain, age 35, going to Frank, Alberta

Occupation in 1914


Hillcrest Mine Disaster June 19, 1914 - Killed


Edward was buried in the Hillcrest Cemetery but not in the Mass Grave.

After the Hillcrest Mine Disaster

Eliza Stretton and children returned to England, on the Cassandra landing in Scotland 20 Sep 1915, going to Heath Hayes, Carrick Close, Staffordshire
Eliza remarried in England.


Schedule A

Interesting Facts

Edward Stretton was an uncle of William Gallamore who was also killed in the Hillcrest Mine Disaster.
Information from Gill Lewis

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