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Ralph Jobling Hansford
Born 1881
Durham, England
Died 1914 (aged 32–33)
Hillcrest, Alberta
Cause of death Hillcrest Mine Disaster
Resting place Hillcrest Cemetery
Nationality English
Occupation Bucker

Early Life


Born 3/4 1881 Easington, Durham at Murton Colliery


William Hansford married Mary Burnip (nee Jobling) after the death of George Burnip in 1873.

Miner and Siblings (in birth order)

  • [Sarah Burnip]
  • John William Hansford
  • Ralph Jobling Hansford


Ralph Jobling Hansford married Mary Wood, Easington, Durham 2/4 1905


  • William Hansford
  • Ethel Hansford
  • John Hansford
  • Robert Hansford

Census Records

  • 1891 East Murton, Durham, age 9
  • 1901 East Murton, Durham, age 19

Immigration to Canada

1907 Pretorian, age 24, going to Winnipeg
1907 Empress of Britain Mary going to Lethbridge - husband a miner

Occupation in 1914


Hillcrest Mine Disaster June 19, 1914 - Killed


Buried in the Mass Grave at the Hillcrest Cemetery.

After the Hillcrest Mine Disaster

Widow Mary and the 4 children returned to England March 1915 Ship Scandinavian


Schedule A

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